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I am

Anthony Maalouf

I’m a professional photographer from Lebanon. I graduated with a bachelor degree in Photography from the Holy Spirit University in Kaslik. Working on visuals (from photography to videography), is my passion. I mostly work as freelance on private projects. I also have a professional team of photographers and videographers for big projects. My skill set: I like to capture photos/ videos using different ways and styles with the best equipment to
achieve a certain mood. My weaponry: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Premiere. I am specialized in photoshoots, weddings, events, corporate, food, product shot, fashion, interior architecture, sports, advertisement and documentaries.

I’m your trusted photographer within UAE. Count me in every photography occasions in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE. 

We are your trusted

You’re about to throw the most epic party for your friends and family? We will be your ride or die. Our job is to catch every second, so you and your loved ones can just let go and live in the moment. You feel like we could vibe? Leave us a message and let’s get this party started.

Creating the perfection in every frame


Better To Gether

There’s nothing more incredible than finding the one person you can’t live without. Your true best friend. I want to photograph this connection. Whether we adventure somewhere beautiful together or explore the intimacy of your own home, I want to capture the true versions of you two. Don’t hold back. You only get this moment once. You be you, I’ll be me. Let’s create something real.